"Be good and you will be lonesome." - Mark Twain    


I am 30 years old, and am currently dating the most amazing woman -- she is devoted to her faith, and she inspires me to be a better person. She makes me very happy. I enjoy a variety of music, but Alternative and Christian Rock are my favorites, and I contend that Country does not generally qualify as music. :P Because of my dislike for indoor pets that shed, I have an aquarium. My favorite colors are blue, purple, black, and silver. The "boxers or briefs" question is none of your business.

My hobbies include skydiving, hot air ballooning, snowboarding, playing paintball, playing tennis, biking, and designing t-shirts.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from DeVry Institute of Technology in Kansas City, Missouri. While I attended school there, I served for two years as the Student Council Representative for the AITP, and I was one of original members of the Web Site Design Team.

We created the first official web site for DeVry - Kansas City (web site has been replaced). After making the site, DeVry sponsored our trip to Madison, Wisconsin, for the second annual AITP Collegiate Conference in April of 1997. A year later, DeVry sponsored our trip to Evansville, Indiana, for the third annual AITP Collegiate Conference in March of 1998. Later in our college days we created the National AITP Web site (web site has been replaced) and the Kansas City AITP Web site. In addition, we taught HTML classes at the school on weekends.

I was an associate at Empower Trainers and Consultants for 14 months. I was in Internal Support, which involved NT/BackOffice Server administration and security, hardware and software troubleshooting, implementing and maintaining a backup schedule, phone system administration, etc... In other words, I did consulting within the company. I resigned in June of 1998 to pursue a position at another company.

I started at Information Control Systems two weeks later, and became the Senior Application Developer / Network Administrator. Based out of Overland Park, Kansas, the company sold credit union software.

As one of my web-development projects, I developed Online Branches, secure web sites that allow credit union members to access their accounts over the web. Once logged on to the Online Branch, members can see their current balances, view recent tranactions, transfer funds between accounts, request copies of checks and statements, apply for loans, etc.

As the network administrator, I was responsible for keeping our in-house networks operational and secure. When the need arose, I flew to client sites to install new networks, servers, and routers. I also supported our technicians when they were in the field, as server- and network-related issues frequently arise during installs.

At the beginning of 2004, I transitioned to StoreFinancial, a startup conceived by the president of Information Control Systems and initially based on their platform. StoreFinancial has since built an entirely new platform from the ground up. My role as Sr. System Administrator at StoreFinancial includes the typical system administration, network infrastructure, and network security-related responsibilities you'd expect of a financial services company.

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