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3D modeling - Caligari trueSpace 

My office in 3D

Not being a fan of its cowboy boot wallpaper, I decided to redecorate my home office. But I wanted to experiment with various themes in a virtual model before doing the real thing. The original idea was just to do a basic visualization, and not to include much detail.

My office in 3D

However, as I put more and more time into modeling the room, my focus changed. No longer was it about testing a new paint scheme before actually painting (I could have repainted the room dozens of times in the time it took to model it), but it was about testing my skills in 3d modeling. It was about art. It was about having fun.

Some jacks

I did this one while I was just goofing around one weekend. I was mainly just playing around with the lighting and boolean tools in trueSpace.

The jacks from another angle

Here's another rendering of the same scene as above from a different camera angle. I could never decide which of the two I liked better.

A 3D model of Empower's logo

I was the network administrator at Empower Trainers & Consultants for a while during college. Because of the simplicity of the logo, and the fact that nobody had made a 3D version of it before, I found the logo to be an enticing subject. A number of people at Empower ended up using it as their Windows wallpaper.

A rough interpretation of my desk

This rendering of my desk was my first experimentation with trueSpace's QuickTime VR support. Through the use of QuickTime VR, you can rotate the desk around in 3D to to see it from any angle. You'll need QuickTime to view it, and since it weighs in at over 9MB, you'll also need a high-bandwidth connection. By the way, the back of the actual desk really is black; that's not a glitch in the rendering.

3D modeling - Terragen 

A scenic landscape

I started using TerraGen with version 0.6, and my first couple of creations were just learning how to use it. This is one of those renderings.

A scenic waterscape

Here's another one of my original renderings. This time, I thought it would be cool to throw in some water.

Evening in the desert

Now that I'm more familiar with the program, it's time to start doing some better stuff. I've always liked pics of sunsets, so why not make one? This was my first attempt at a sunset scene.

Web Sites 

First Illinois web site

This was one of the prototype splash screens for First Illinois Credit Union's site. This was my personal favorite, although they chose to use one of my other designs. Ironically, the design they chose was intended to merely be a place-holder until had time to come up with some good ideas.

Generations web site

This design for the Generations Credit Union splash page was originally the idea of Amy Sobek, who worked with us over her summer vacation. I liked the design, but the graphic needed to be recreated because of some image-quality issues. I recreated the image, modified a couple things, and fine-tuned the details.

SuperChief web site

After Super Chief selected this design for the splash page of their web site, they had me send them high-resolution copies of various elements of the logo, including the new version of the money tree, which was originally solid black. To my understanding, they used them to create posters and banners publicizing the launch of this site.

Goo - a VanBooven.com theme

This is an old interface from VanBooven.Com that I refer to as "Goo" for obvious reasons. This was during the year-and-a-half that you could choose from five interfaces for the site. I eventually tired of the restrictions that imposed. With multiple interfaces, I was restricted to what was compatible with all the interfaces. So Goo went bye-bye.


SuperChief card

I made this one for Super Chief Credit Union's CUCashBack card. The CUCashBack program is a rebate service for members of participating credit unions. Members can scan their CUCashBack card at participating merchants, and they'll receive a rebate at the end of the month.

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